Animal Trivia Challenge is a game the whole family will love! Discover the world’s animals from family pets to ferocious predators while your animal knowledge grows with three styles of stimulating challenge cards—432 questions in all! It’s easy to include players of all ages with the advanced and beginner double-sided cards; just choose one of the game’s two levels. Tokens worth various point values are earned by correct responses to the question (multiple choice and true/false ) or task (identify the animal in the picture or list animals in order based on criteria like size, speed, and strength). Watch out for predators, fire, poisonous berries, and quicksand on your way around the board! No one knows who wins until the end when players reveal their points! The winner of the Animal Trivia Challenge is the player with the highest overall point value.

Ages: 3+
Players: 2-4
Manufacturer: Mindware