Can you spot the yellow canary on the woman’s shoulder in this painting? In Christmas Canary, elephant artist, Lucy, uses brilliant shades of green, yellow, and red on black canvas. A 10″ x 20″ canvas with a 2-inch border, making it suitable for mounting/framing. All Lucy art is shipped flat (not mounted); if you would like to purchase a stretched and mounted print, please contact us for availability.


Lucy, the Valley Zoo’s resident Asian Elephant, is famous for her paintings. Lucy also does trunk imprints or kisses!

Painting was introduced as a simple method of enriching Lucy’s life. Each painting begins with the zookeepers mixing the colours. Lucy uses only non-toxic acrylic paints and chooses the brush she wants to use. She paints as much as she wants with a particular color. Once she is finished, she hands the brush back to her keeper. Each piece is very different, but they all show similar lines, circles, and dabs. Lucy definitely has her own style.

The majority of the proceeds from the sale of Lucy’s paintings go towards enhancing exhibits and animal care at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. The remainder goes to Elephants International to support conservation work.