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***UPDATE March 7, 2018. It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Shauna Treichel, Founder of WOW Travel and the focus of the blog post below.

On February 21, we lost a kind and beautiful friend ~ Shauna. In lieu of flowers, Shauna’s family are respectfully requesting donations in support of the Zoo through our charity. Shauna donated over $8,500 from WOW travel excursions to help revitalize the Zoo with improved habitats for the animals and better opportunities for guests to get closer to animals & nature. She also sponsored exhibits and volunteered countless hours at our various fundraising events. Contributions made to our charity in memory Shauna will help to create a special place that will inspire new generations of ambassadors that care deeply about and are committed to preserving the natural world around us. Memorial donations can be made via THIS LINK.

WOW Travel – making our world a better place through unique travel experiences.

The Valley Zoo Development Society is honoured to have support from individuals, schools, community groups and various businesses in our community. Our supporters are helping to transform the Zoo into a world-class education & conservation facility by-way of hosting third-party fundraisers, requesting donations in lieu of gifts, making monthly donations, and donating a portion of profits from their business. We extend our sincerest appreciation to all of our donors.

In this first edition of “Wild for the Zoo – Community Support Feature”, we would like to highlight World of Wildlife (WOW) Travel.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the founder of WOW Travel to find out a little more about their business and to find out how we became the lucky beneficiary of their generosity.

PHOTO CREDIT: Dean Treichel

PHOTO CREDIT: Dean Treichel

WOW Travel was established in 2013 by Shauna and Dean Treichel. Shauna is a Travel Agent of Vision Travel and a Certified Virtuoso Travel Advisor. Dean has been with the Edmonton Valley Zoo since 1979, starting as a Zookeeper, then Team Leader and is presently the Operations Supervisor of the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Shauna’s passion to create all-around meaningful experiences for her clients combined with Dean’s expertise and knowledge of wildlife that others seek led to the natural progression of organizing and taking group trips to wildlife destinations to experience animals in the natural world.

WOW Travel is committed to providing unique experiences, and journeys that will open your eyes, broaden your mind and resonate in your soul. What I find separates them from other travel agents is their wildlife expertise, passion and professional connections.

They provide wildlife enthusiasts with worry-free, seamless vacations so they can be immersed in the natural world, and the cultures of these destinations. They believe in sustainable and responsible travel, which includes giving back to the communities they visit. This is what I found truly exceptional.

In addition to supporting the communities they visit, they also support education and conservation here in Edmonton by-way of donating a portion of every booking to the Valley Zoo Development Society.

When I spoke with Shauna about how the Valley Zoo Development Society (VZDS) became their charity of choice, she stated that it is because of the shared values. Both organizations realize the importance of conserving the planet and all species on it, and we both appreciate the important role the Edmonton Valley Zoo plays in our City and around the world.

To date, they have hosted a trip to the Galápagos Islands, Costa Rica, Panama and 3 trips to Africa, and have donated over $8,500 to support the important work of the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

Due to popular demand, the 2018 trip to Peru is already filled. But not too worry, there will be an amazing adventure to Africa in 2019. Details will be finalized and share on their website in January 2018. And there’s a strong possibility that there will be another exciting trip to the Galápagos!

What’s new for 2018? In addition to donating a portion of these exceptional group travel experiences, they are now donating a portion of non-group travel for All-Inclusive, Cruise and Tour packages will also be donated to the VZDS!

PHOTO CREDIT: Dean Treichel

PHOTO CREDIT: Dean Treichel

You need only advise Shauna that you are a friend of the Edmonton Valley Zoo and/or the VZDS and a portion of your booking will be donated to support the work of the Zoo. And do not worry, Shauna reassured me that prices are not increased to make up the donation – you will get honest and competitive pricing. If you’re looking for a personalized travel booking experience for all your vacation travels, look no further!

We’d like to extend our sincerest appreciation to World of Wildlife (WOW) Travel for their incredible and continued support.

For more information on both group and non-group travel, please contact Shauna at WOW Travel:
Phone: (587) 290-0033
Toll-free: 1 (855) WOW-TRVL (1-855-969-8785)
Email: shauna.treichel@visiontravel.ca
Website: www.worldofwildlifetravel.com

PHOTO CREDIT: Dean Treichel

PHOTO CREDIT: Dean Treichel