The Edmonton Valley Zoo is home to nine Goeldi’s monkeys – parents Charlotte and Rene and their seven offspring. Goeldi’s are part of the international Species Survival Plan (SSP) which works to ensure the survival of species that are threatened or endangered in the wild. Goeldi’s monkeys, also referred to as callimicos, Goeldi’s marmosets, and Goeldi’s tamarins, are small, rare New World primates found in the Amazon basin in South America. Their bodies are covered with black, thick, silky fur with a mane of longer hair circling their neck. Size: A little larger than a squirrel. Habitat: Found in the tropical rain-forests in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Goeldi’s are arboreal (live in trees).

Diet: Fruit, insects, spiders, fungi, plant sap and nectar.
Behaviours: Social animals living in a troop size as large as 12. They have 40 discrete vocalizations in the wild. Aggression is signaled by an arched posture, mouth-open facial expressions and leaping from support to support with bristled hair.
Offspring: They give birth to one infant after a 145- to 152-day gestation period.
Life expectancy: 20 years and beyond in captivity.
Threats: Conservation status is vulnerable primarily due to habitat loss. Sadly, there are Goeldi’s monkeys and other primates being sold on the internet as pets.