In 2019 the Edmonton Valley Zoo provided 1,124 programs to over 27, 477 participants that included over 834 schools. This number was down from 2018 due to economic stresses on schools and classes. As an organization dedicated to the conservation of species, educating society about animals is our top priority and if schools and classes are unable to attend on the Zoo it affects the Zoo and society’s social license to operate.

The VZDS made a commitment to subsidize the costs of classes or the busing costs to attend at the Zoo through a program that exchanged the subsidy for a commitment by the class to take on a conservation project (either educational, virtual, fundraising or hands on) and report their findings back. This commitment was postponed due to Covid closures, but will be reinstated when Zoos and Schools can gather. The commitment to this was to provide subsidizes to half all classes attending or $100,000 in the future.

Classes will be asked to “put your conservation hats on!” The Valley Zoo Development Society will be subsidizing the cost of up to 200 school programs here at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. All your classroom needs to do is provide us details of a conservation project you want to explore or might already be doing! We encourage you to get creative – from spearheading a school yard clean up to eliminating single use plastics at lunch time. Further details will be posted on our website soon!