Scientific Name: fennecus zerda
Habitat: desert and semi-desert of Africa
Diet: small birds, mammals, insects, geckos, skinks, fruits, leaves, and roots
Life Span: up to 10 years in captivity
Young: 2 – 4 kits
Size: 0.80 – 1.5 kg

The Fennec Fox can be found in the central Sahara Desert, in the mountainous and desert regions of northern Morocco, and east along the northern tip of the Red Sea to Kuwait.

Weighing only 0.8 – 1.50 kg, and standing at 20.3 cm tall, the nocturnal Fennec Fox is the smallest member of the canine family. It typically has a fluffy, cream coloured coat, with a black tipped tail. They are extremely well adapted to life in the hot desert. The long fur on the pads of their feet helps to protect their pads from the hot sand. Their massive ears help cool their bodies by dissipating heat, as well as serve to alert them of danger. Fennec Foxes also obtain all the fluids they need from the food they eat.

Fennecs are highly social and live together in family groups of up to ten individuals. They dig elaborate burrows with many tunnels and up to 15 entrances. Fennecs often play together and are remarkably agile. A full-grown adult can jump straight up in the air to a height of 0.7 m, and over 1 m from the standing position.

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