Scientific Name: callimico goeldii
Habitat: rainforest with dense undergrowth
Diet: fruit, nectar, tree gum, sap, frogs, lizards, insects
Life Span: up to 10 years
Young: 1
Size: 393 – 860 g

Goeldi’s Monkeys, or Goeldi’s Marmosets, can be found in the Amazon rainforest of southern Colombia, eastern Ecuador and Peru, western Brazil, and northern Bolivia. They prefer areas that have patchy canopy cover and strong undergrowth.

The Goeldi’s Monkey ranges in colour from blackish to blackish-brown, and the hair on their head and tail sometimes has red, white, or silver-brown highlights. Their bodies are only 20 – 23 cm long, and their tails are about 25 – 30 cm long. Unlike other primates, Goeldi’s Monkeys have claws instead of flat fingernails, which help them cling to branches and limbs. Their extremely long tails help them to balance as they move through the dense underbrush.

Goeldi’s monkeys live in family groups of 2 – 8 individuals. Only a single baby is born at a time. However, a mother may give birth twice a year. The mother carries the young for the first two weeks, then during the third week, the father takes over and by the fourth week, the responsibility is taken up by the entire group.

Loss of habitat, hunting, and trapping have severely threatened Goeldi’s populations. The Edmonton Valley Zoo is helping to conserve the Goeldi’s Monkey through their participation in the Species Survival Plan.

For more information about the Goeldi’s Monkey visit Animal Diversity Web, or visit the Edmonton Valley Zoo!