Scientific Name: mantella aurantiaca
Habitat: tropical rainforests of Madagascar
Diet: mites, ants, flies, and other invertebrates
Life Span: 5 – 10 years
Young: 12 – 30 eggs per clutch
Size: 20 – 26 mm

The Golden Mantella is a small, terrestrial frog that is endemic to a few very select regions of Madagascar. It is the most threatened species of amphibian in Madagascar and is critically endangered due to habitat loss from agriculture, forestry, and human settlement.

The Golden Mantella is uniformly yellow, orange, or red in colour and measures 20 – 26 mm in length. The Golden Mantella has red flash marks on its inner leg. It’s brightly coloured skin warns predators that it is poisonous.

The Golden Mantella is largely inactive during the winter months of May–October, but emerges from hiding when the rains arrive and the temperatures warm up.

After the first rainstorm of the season, a female Golden Mantella will dig a short tunnel in leaf litter on the forest floor, where she will lay her eggs. During the next rainfall, the eggs will be swept into swamps and ponds where they will hatch into tadpoles.

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