Scientific Name: uromastyx dispar
Habitat: Sahara desert in arid areas with rocky slopes
Diet: leafy plants and seeds; juveniles also eat insects
Life Span: 20 -25 years
Young: 8 -20 eggs per clutch
Size: up to 41 cm

Mali Uromastyx inhabit a range stretching through most of North and Northeast Africa and the Middle East. They occur at elevations from sea level to over 900 m and tend to bask in places with a surface temperature of over 50 °C.

These spiny-tailed lizards name comes from Ancient Greek and means ‘tail’ (ourá) ‘whip’ (mastigo), because when threatened, they lash their strong, spiny tails from side to side to defend themselves.

Adult Mali Uromastyx are dark in colour, with bright yellow markings, while juveniles are light tan with dark markings to help them better hide from predators.

Mali Uromastyx are predominantly herbivores and get the majority of their water from the plants they ingest.

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