Scientific Name: eulemur rufus
Habitat: deciduous forests
Diet: primarily leaves, but also flowers, bark, and sap
Life Span: 20 – 25 years
Young:1 young
Size:2.7 kg

The Red-fronted Lemur is found naturally in western and eastern Madagascar where they live in the canopy of deciduous forests.

Male Red-fronted Lemurs are gray to brown in colour, with a reddish coloured crown. Females are reddish-brown. Both males and females have pale patches over their eyes. Their average body length is 40 cm, with a 55 cm long tail.

Red-fronted lemurs are highly social, grooming themselves and each other with their lower teeth. They live in permanent groups of 4 to 17 animals. Females give birth to one baby a year. For the first three weeks of life, the baby lemur clings to its mother’s belly, only moving to nurse. Once it is a little older, it rides around on mom’s back.

They mainly eat leaves but can also consume pods, stems, flowers, fruit, bark and sap. They have very adaptable diets and will even eat invertebrates and fungi when plants are scarce.

Red-fronted Lemur’s habitat is at risk due to slash-and-burn agriculture and deforestation for fuel, wood, and construction.

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