Edmonton Valley Zoo Educational Video Series

The Valley Zoo Development Society seeks to secure funding for the production, implementation and distribution of ten 30 minute education videos, and ten two minute videos. The longer videos will be used in schools as curriculum based learning materials and the shorter videos will be focused on animal education, conservation and stewardship as on site or off site animal information videos. The Valley Zoo Development Society has  made a commitment of $200,000 towards this program.                                                 

COVID19 has changed the way we run our programs, so we had to reimagine a way to get back into the classrooms. With high definition videos and a live chat with a zoo expert at the end of each video we will be providing curriculum based content that can be used over and over again with an interactive element. A pilot video featuring the northern fur seals and harbour seals has already been created and will be ready for launch in spring 2021.

In 2020 we received 100+ requests for virtual programs at the Zoo, plus were included in a survey to teachers who previously booked programs to seek their interest in the virtual programs. We received 234 responses to the survey. The results help to confirm that there is a demand and interest in virtual programming. 

Of those responding to the survey:

  • 85+% are likely to book
  • most are looking for K to grade 6
  • most were interested in Edmonton Valley Zoo, followed by City Arts Centre, then John Janzen Nature Centre virtual school programming
  • 50% looking for a one to two-hour virtual program and 40% for one hour or less The National Recreation and Parks Association suggests that even in a post-pandemic world, both in-person and virtual programs will co-exist.  The report suggests that there will be opportunities to continue virtual offerings to serve audiences that may be unwilling or unable to participate in person due to health, transportation, bad weather or any other reason. In addition, virtual programming can help agencies grow the program participation beyond their limited facility space and target users who live beyond their geographic boundaries. In the Edmonton Valley Zoo case, this will allow the opportunity for rural schools to participate.

The funding schools have been allocated for field trips has been reduced while the costs of the field trips including transportation costs have increased. The result is that while these curriculum based in person opportunities represent dynamic and engaging learning experiences, school budgets are making them increasingly difficult to justify. Virtual programs offer the next best thing and also make providing these opportunities to schools outside of the Edmonton area viable.

Objectives for curriculum based videos:

•  Introduce students to various animals at the Edmonton Valley Zoo
• Explain what is required to care for different animal species
• Compare and contrast animal adaptations and habitats
• Encourage conservation actions to protect animal life
• Encourage attitudes of respect and concern for animals and their environment

Objectives for The ten 2-minute videos:

• Introduce the animal/species
• 2-3 quick facts about the animal/species
• A conservation message for the animal/species
• What the public can do to help this species/animal

"This Video is Brought To You By..."

Show you care about conservation and education by sponsoring a video. Each video sponsored will contain the credit, “This video is sponsored by…” making it a unique opportunity to promote your business’ commitment to the planet, honor the memory of a loved one, or show future generations you care. For video sponsorship opportunities, please contact Tammy Wiebe at 780.496.6924 or by email at