December 2022

Light is Energizing. Light is Revitalizing. In a big city, light is life. What better way to celebrate light than after dark at the Edmonton Valley Zoo?

This coming December, Zoominescence, hosted by the Valley Zoo Development Society, will stage a spectacular exhibition of artistic light installations within the unique setting of the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Our vision is to celebrate light, artistry, imagination and the strong spirit of our community in the winter. Join us for an evening of light, animals, skating, hot chocolate and fun for the whole family! 



MAY 2022

Tea for two, just me and… a wallaby?! This exclusive, by invite only event, is a thank-you for all of the people who supported us throughout the past year by adopting an animal.

Join us for a magical tea party at the Edmonton Valley Zoo, and learn how all of your donations from the Adopt an Animal Program go to benefiting the animals.


It is through today’s zoos that future generations will come to a greater understanding of the human impact on the natural world and be motivated to preserve it and reverse the damage already done. Every donation, big or small, helps us revitalize our beloved Edmonton Valley Zoo! Thank you for caring for the animals, our children’s future and the planet!