The Valley Zoo Development Society would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to the many sponsors, volunteers, and attendees that helped make the 2015 Festival of Light a huge success!

Edmonton, the most northern city in North America with a population of over one million, is a world-renowned winter metropolis with the proud title of Festival City. People are eager to enjoy activities in their fine city year-round. Our annual Festival of Light celebration is our way of spreading that light and illuminating the spirit of Edmonton.

Each December, the Festival of Light, hosted by the Valley Zoo Development Society, stages a spectacular exhibition of artistic light installations within the unique setting of the Edmonton Valley Zoo. The festival’s vision is to celebrate light, artistry, imagination and the strong spirit of our community in the winter. We would like to invite you to join us for the 4th Annual Festival of Light December 2016.

Look for the lights again next December…


When: December 2016
Where: Edmonton Valley Zoo

Information for the 2016 Festival of Light event is updated each November. In the meantime, please feel free to check out our other events and ways you can help support the revitalization of the Edmonton Valley Zoo!



The main objective of this festival is to drive new traffic to the Edmonton Valley Zoo and to draw community awareness to the fact that the Edmonton Valley Zoo is a year-round facility currently undergoing a major transformation. As well, we want to share the art of local community groups, schools, and organizations in a unique way. We hope to provide another way for Edmontonians to enjoy their winter city. The Festival of Light, in partnership with the City of Edmonton, has complete ownership of all its programs and assets, which can be customized to leverage niche partner brand.

Partnering with the Festival of Light provides opportunity for:

  • Brand recognition with a loyal, family centric audience.
  • Regional exposure with an expected 30,000 on-site visitors and up to 1 million regional imprints via television, radio, and internet coverage.
  • Generating goodwill and support for the communities in Edmonton.
  • Promoting winter city initiatives, family-centric values and development for the Capital Region.

The Festival of Light has multiple levels of Sponsorship; each level is customizable to our Partner’s goals and objectives. Look for our 2016 Festival of Light Sponsorship Packages in the Fall of 2016.

To check out our current Sponsorship Opportunities, please follow the link above.



Each and every event sponsored by the Valley Zoo Development Society is successful thanks to the dozens of local community volunteers that donate their time. Festival of Light volunteer opportunities range from helping string lights in October/ November, to organizing children’s events, to handing out hot chocolate.

There are no current Festival of Light volunteer positions available, but please feel free to check out other volunteer opportunities by following the link above.