Satoo Room 8
Satoo Room 8

École Bishop Savaryn | GRADE 1A

Conservation Initiative: Playground Cleanup

The grade one classes at École Bishop Savaryn School were very lucky to be a part of the Pay It Forward For the Planet Program!

Our classes, along with the grade 6 Social Justice Leaders, completed a schoolyard clean-up on May 8th. This project was an opportunity for the grade one students to learn about ways that they can serve their community and planet and offered a leadership role for the grade 6 students. Everyone involved learned a lot and enjoyed making our school a better place!

Before completing the schoolyard clean-up, the grade one classes learned about different ways that they can help their school, their neighbourhood and the planet. Many students focused on picking up litter, but we also learned about composting, recycling, reusing and repairing old clothes or toys. They were able to make lots of connections between their actions at home and their learning at school. Some even shared that they had made changes to their home actions after this learning experience. We made posters to display in the school to help encourage other students to think about how they can help their school, community and planet.

On the day of the schoolyard clean-up, the grade 6 social justice leaders were paired with a group of grade one students. Together, they walked around the schoolyard and picked up litter. They engaged in conversations about why there was so much litter and what they could do to help. They were very proud of the bags that they picked up, and some students even asked if there were extra gloves so that they could pick up litter at recess!

Thank you to the Edmonton Valley Zoo Development Society for their gift and for encouraging our classes to engage in these activities!

This Conservation Project was made possible by
Doug Warren.