If you wish to make a donation of supplies, the following is the “VZDS Wishlist” the Valley Zoo Development Society has put together. If you can help with any of the items listed here, please fill out the contact form below, detailing the item you wish to donate. If you have something you want to donate that is not on this list, please Contact Us. Thank-you for your donation!

  • Parrot Toys – new or in good condition only
  • New Very Large Dog Toys
  • Rawhide – for the large cats
  • New Horse Toys
  • New Boom Box for Lucy
  • Scents & Spices
  • Vari-Kennels – all sizes
  • Birdcages – good condition/ large parrots
  • Livestock Shelter
  • Horse Shelter with Tack Room
  • Cold Laser Therapy Machine
  • Bowie Veterinary Box
  • Animal Weigh Scales
  • Blood Analyzer
  • Ultrasonic Instrument Cleaner
  • Inflatable Large Animal Surgery Table
  • Digital X-Ray Cassettes
  • Ultrasonic Dental Cleaner
  • Laptop Computer
  • New Grooming Brushes
  • Storage Sheds
  • Hay Boxes
  • Greenhouse
  • Working Condition Solar Fencer
  • Electric Fencing Supplies
  • Horse Trailer
  • Plants for Exhibits (subject to staff approval)
  • Branch Holders for Use in Exhibits
  • Bobcat/Skid Steer
  • Water Distiller
  • Generators
  • Ice Machine
  • Commercial Crushed Ice Beverage Machine


It is through today’s zoos that future generations will come to a greater understanding of the human impact on the natural world and be motivated to preserve it and reverse the damage already done. Every donation, big or small, helps us revitalize our beloved Edmonton Valley Zoo! Thank you for caring for the animals, our children’s future and the planet!