Welcome to the Arctic Wolf Habitat Project.

Discover the heartwarming story behind our latest initiative here at the Edmonton Valley Zoo where the Valley Zoo Development Society and Malliner Charitable Foundation have taken on an incredible new project to build a brand new home for our arctic wolves.



Leave a lasting footprint at the Edmonton Valley Zoo! The Valley Zoo Development Society invites you to become an integral part of the Arctic wolf habitat transformation by purchasing a commemorative wolf track. Your name will be permanently etched in the heart of our zoo, symbolizing your dedication to wildlife conservation. Join our community of passionate supporters, and let your mark stand as a testament to the importance of preserving our planet’s diverse ecosystems.


Your name(s), or the name of a loved one(s), engraved on a small paw print displayed at the new Arctic wolf habitat. 


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PAYMENT OPTIONS: Pay in full today, or break your payments into 12, 24, or 36 months. With monthly payment plans, you can pay your first month now and we will contact you to set up future payments online or by cheque.

About the Project

A Tale of Tundra.

The Edmonton Valley Zoo has been a home to a magnificent Arctic wolf named Tundra. Tundra has been a beloved resident, captivating the hearts of visitors with his majestic presence and remarkable spirit. Unfortunately, Tundra recently experienced the loss of his long-term mate. In response to this, the Valley Zoo Development Society and Malliner Charitable Foundation are embarking on a transformative project: the creation of a brand new habitat that will not only serve as a sanctuary for Tundra, but also as a home for a some brand new packmates that will join him later this year.

Purpose and Vision.

The primary goal of this revitalization project is to provide Tundra and his new pack with an enriching and stimulating environment that aligns with their natural instincts and encourages natural behaviors. By creating a habitat that focuses on cognitive challenges, play, and natural expression, the Valley Zoo Development Society aims to provide an upgrade to our Arctic wolves while promoting awareness about their conservation needs.

Timeline & Anticipated Completion.

Construction of the new habitat is already underway, with the anticipated completion date set for the summer of 2024. Once finished, visitors to the Edmonton Valley Zoo will have the opportunity to witness Tundra and his pack thriving in their carefully crafted and enriched home. The project represents a testament to the zoo’s dedication to providing the highest standard of care for its animal residents, fostering a deeper connection between wildlife and the community.


Meet Tundra: The Heart of Our Pack

Tundra, our proud male Arctic wolf, has been a beloved member of the Edmonton Valley Zoo since his arrival in 2014. With his striking white coat and captivating gaze, Tundra is the heart and soul of our pack.

Joining Tundra: The Newcomers

Joining us all the way from France later this year, two new female Arctic wolves are soon to become part of the EVZ family and Tundra’s pack in their newly constructed home.

A Glimpse into the Arctic Wilderness.

Step into the heart of the Arctic with a naturalized design that mirrors the stunning wilderness these magnificent creatures call home. The habitat is meticulously crafted to replicate the tundra, featuring indigenous flora that creates an authentic and captivating environment for both visitors and our arctic wolf residents.


Main Habitat.

A spacious and thoughtfully designed main yard that mirrors the natural habitat of Arctic wolves, offering Tundra and his pack room to roam and explore.

Holding Area.

A secure space designed for the well-being and care of the wolves, ensuring that veterinary examinations and other necessary procedures can be conducted with the utmost consideration for their welfare.

Off-Exhibit Yard.

An additional area, away from the public eye, providing the wolves with a retreat space where they can relax and enjoy solitude.

Naturalistic Design.

The habitat will feature carefully selected natural elements, including caliper-sized trees, various grasses, shrubs, fallen logs, boulders, and mulch. These elements aim to replicate a wild habitat, creating an environment that encourages exploration and engagement.

Water Features.

A waterfall, streams, and natural ponds will be integrated into the habitat providing the pack with opportunities for enrichment and play.

In-Earth Dens.

Two real in-earth dens will be incorporated into the habitat, offering the wolves secure spaces for shelter and rest.

The Unveiling of Their New Home.

As we eagerly await the completion of our new Arctic Wolf Habitat, we invite you to anticipate the joy of witnessing Tundra and his new packmates thrive in their expansive and naturalized environment. The carefully designed habitat will not only serve as a comfortable and stimulating space for our wolves but also offer visitors a unique glimpse into the dynamics of these incredible creatures.

Mark Your Calendar for Summer 2024!

We can’t wait for you to join us in the summer of 2024 when the Arctic Wolf Habitat officially opens. Get ready for a thrilling adventure that combines education, conservation, and the unparalleled beauty of the Arctic wilderness.

Follow us for updates, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes glimpses as we bring this visionary project to life. Together, let’s create a space where the magic of the Arctic comes alive at the Edmonton Valley Zoo.


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