“Large Carnivore” Plan


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The Valley Zoo Development Society’s Exhibit Adoption Program inspires businesses to improve and enrich the lives of the animals in the Edmonton Valley Zoo’s care. Adopting an Exhibit provides vital funding for improved habitats and enrichment materials.


There is something about large carnivores that creates awe and amazement for all of our guests. Whether it’s our wolf, Amur Tigers, or our Snow Leopards – one of the most endangered cats in the world – everyone respects and admires these inhabitants of the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

When your business chooses to support the Exhibit Adoption Program with the Large Carnivore Plan, not only do you get to choose which “Large Carnivore’s” exhibit you wish to adopt but you will also receive the following:

  • Your Logo as the Exclusive Sponsor
  • Exposure to Over 250,000 People
  • 5 Tickets to Zoominescence
  • Recognition on VZDS Website
  • Adoption Certificate for Your Chosen Carnivore
  • A Fact Sheet for Your Chosen Carnivore
  • A Photo of Your Chosen Carnivore
  • A Complimentary Zoo Builders Encounter with Your Carnivore