When Hare finally gets fed up with Elephant and Hippopotamus making fun of him, he challenges them to a tug-of-war competition…

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Hare, Hippopotamus, and Elephant all live together in the forest. But often, when Hippopotamus and Elephant have nothing better to do, they tease Hare and say horrid things to him. When Hare finally gets fed up with them, he conceives a plan: he will challenge each of the massive creatures to a tug-of-war competition. On either side of the trees, Elephant and Hippopotamus pull and tug all through the night, incredulous that Hare could be so strong! With cheeky wit and his signature illustrative style, John Burningham makes the case that even brute strength can be outweighed by brains — and a quick getaway.

John Burningham is twice-winner of the Kate Greenaway Award and is one of the best-loved children’s authors/illustrators.

Recommended Age: 5-8
Pages: 32
Author: John Burningham
Illustrator: John Burningham
Publisher: Penguin Random House


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